Which Type of Optical Fibers are Used for Fiber Optic Data Cables?

Here is a query received from one of the visitors to this site. “I have one doubt regarding the application of FTTH cables and fiber optic data cables. I was a bit confused between the both. I like to clarify the difference between FTTH indoor…

Optical-fiber cables

Major Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers in North America

There are around 13 major fiber optic cable manufacturers in the North American region. North American countries include the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Out of the 13 companies, 11 companies belong to the United States. Mexico is home to two fiber optic cable manufacturers,…


How to Find a Job in Telecom Sector?

Fiber optic cable demand is growing all over the world. Optical networks are being deployed throughout the world that will connect continents. Transoceanic submarine fiber optic cables connect continents and ensure connectivity to every nook and corner where there are human settlements. Development in the…


History of Optical Fiber Attenuation

We know that fiber optic technology has started a revolution in the human communication process and optical fiber is the key component in fiber optics. Light, of course, no doubt is the carrier of our communication signals. We have been using light to transmit information for hundreds of years from now. However, the new way of transmitting light through optical fibers opened up new avenues of technological innovations that have started enhancing human life.

Basic Fiber Optic Quiz Part 2

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Basic Fiber Optic Quiz – Part 1

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