About us

About us 1Fiber Optic Social Network is an online portal dedicated to fiber optics. We love everything related to fiber optics and if you are somehow connected to the field of fiber optics, you are welcome to be a part of our network.

Fiber Optic Social Network was started as a blog site in 2008. We named it Fiber Optic Mania. Fiber Optic Mania tries to simplify complicated scientific and technical concepts. The field of fiber optic technology use complex language and hence it is difficult for people without a high scientific or technical academic background to understand the ideas.

The world of telecommunication, especially fiber optics is a mystery even to people with considerable exposure to scientific fields. Fiber Optic Mania uses simple language and plain English to explain complex theories and hypothetical concepts. Probably this will be the only place in the whole internet world that you see such plain English to explain Fiber optic theories. Read it. Enjoy it and make it your own.

Fiber Optic Social Network is open to all. We are a group of people sharing a common interest in fiber optics. You can be a part of our team if you wish to be so. We do not claim any kind of technical superiority. In fact, our aim is to co-operate and compliment with others interested in fiber optics. We understand that we may not be accurate in our opinions or observations. Please feel free to correct us, whenever necessary. We believe sharing knowledge is fun and through sharing, we learn more and expand our horizons.

As you read through this website and other sites, you may have a desire to write your own article about what you know in the field of fiber optics. Please consider contributing your article to us.

We try to bring the world’s knowledge of fiber optics to one place. This site is a humble attempt to learn through sharing what we know and learn by hearing what you know. Let us communicate.