Basic Fiber Optics Part 2

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Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics Basic 2

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Category: Communication

In an optical communication link, an optical fiber

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Category: Standards

What is the IEC standard for Microduct cables?

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Category: Networks

What is the expanded form of OLT?

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Category: Standards

What is the ITU-T recommendation for a bend optimized single mode fiber?

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Category: Communication

What is the expanded form of DWDM?

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Category: Optical Fibers

Which one of the values is near to the core diameter of an ITU-T G.651.1 compliant fiber?

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Category: Test and Measurement

When I tested an optical fiber using OTDR, I found some kind of step in the OTDR trace. What is the name used to call such events in OTDR?

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Category: Optoelectronics

What does VCSEL stand for?

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Category: Networks

What does the "B" stand for in abbreviated form B-PON?

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Category: Optical Cables

True or False? A Di-electric cable is manufactured using stainless steel wires to give extra protection

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