Introduction on FS 42U GR Series Network and Server Cabinets

Network & server cabinets are integral to the success of a good data center construction. Because they could provide platforms for housing networking devices such as servers, rack mount enclosures. In this way, the devices are kept on racks and cables can be easily bundled, which…

Accessible Types of Rack Enclosure

Rack Enclosure Basics and Buying Guide

Rack enclosure, an effective solution to a tidy rack cable environment, has been a popular choice for IT technicians. Conventionally, being a kind of cable organizer, the rackmount enclosure is widely used in data centers to house, organize, manage, and protect fiber optic cables. With such great significance, it’s necessary for us to explore this device.

All You Need Is 1U Cable Manager

Have you been fed up with a frequently messy network, performance issues, and data transmission errors? 1U cable manager comes in, all your problems out. As its name shows, the 1U cable manager is a device placed in front of a cabinet or rack and manage all sorts of cables, like fiber, coax, patch cables, etc

What fiber Patch Cables should we use in a harsh environment?

With the rapid development of optical communication, more and more fiber optic cables are increasingly used in different environments. Under harsh conditions, the ruggedness and durability of common fiber optic cables cannot meet operators’ requirements, especially for exceptional demanding applications. This post mainly introduces IP67…

FHX MTP/MPO-12 Cassettes vs. FHX MTP/MPO-8 Cassettes

With the increase of network throughput, 40GbE network has become widespread and 100GbE is also extensively deployed. Under this circumstance, traditional LC cabling can not meet the high speed and high density demand of the data center. Therefore, achieving higher transmission rates and finding suitable…

The Difference Between Cat5e vs Cat6 Patch Panel

To build a flexible and tidy cabling system. Patch panels are something we can never forget. The panel enables speedy UTP interconnections to hubs, routers, and other active equipment. Ethernet patch panel on the market comes in various types, such as 24 port patch panel…