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Installation with a fiber run between IDF and MDF  

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I have a question regarding something that has me worried.

I am working for a non-profit high school. I am trying to correct a great deal that has been configured incorrectly over many years.  Basically, I have a four-phase approach to fixing the network.  Phase 1 started over the weekend.  I am not it there on a full-time basis and I come in when my time dictates that I can.

I was working with their internal IT person who has at most a year and a half of expertise, and some technical schooling.  He does, however, have a much better feel where things are and he has found things for me as I assigned him tasks to push forward.  As we proceeded, I discovered something that I do not completely understand.  Overall, I have been hearing an odd frequency on the cabling structure.  For the most part, IP had always figured it was simply that some given cable was plugged into the switch. The sound is a lot like this, but it is so much more pervasive.  It is consistent over all the ports in the building.

I was working with one particular cable that wasn't connected to the switch, nor was it connected to any system, but it was overlaid upon the collection of cabling supporting the network.  I continued to hear the tone on this cable.  I checked the racking and the tone was louder there.  It was most voluminous on the fiber run uplink between the ist floor IDF and the MDF.  I have to resign myself to the possibility, that the cable has been physically split on a 3 port device that does just this thing.  I would like to say this is not the case, but I cannot.  I am working to locate these Layer one devices. There are approximately 5 to 7 on the network.  These are a problem.  Anyway,  given that I know the noise a tone generator makes when listening on a cable that is attached to a switch, I would like to believe that this noise is not the case.  The tone this sound makes is deep and very loud.  The part that I am asking about is this,  Should I be hearing any sound frequency across my MDF run from this closet. The tone is the loudest on this particular link.

I can provide a lot more data.  I do not see any errors on the uplink port and most of my errors are confined to my Access points.  any thoughts would be helpful.  Thank you!


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