Brocade 40G QSFP+ Optics Introduction

In today’s Data Center, advanced applications, including voice and data convergence and storage area networking, are driving networking speed and bandwidth to even higher. For a high-level performance of data transfer that requires higher bandwidth and speed, greater scalability, and reliability, 40Gbps network devices such as Brocade 40G QSFP+ optics can meet the increasing speed and performance needs. The following passages will introduce Brocade 40G QSFP+ optics in details.

Brocade 40G QSFP+ Optics Features

40G QSFP+ optics include 40G QSFP+ transceivers and cabling assemblies. Brocade 40G QSFP+ optics provide high system reliability after experiencing rigorous qualification and certification testing, ensure state-of-the-art performance with perfect Brocade solutions to support business continuity, and also eliminate issues related to transceiver incompatibility. With Brocade 40G QSFP+ optics that offer the flexibility of the choice of cabling length, it’s easy to carefully plan optical fiber network solutions, which deliver lower cost, consistent high performance, and maximum up-time. In a word, Brocade 40G QSFP+ optics meet the bandwidth requirements for today’s deployments.

Brocade 40G QSFP+ Transceivers

Brocade 40G QSFP+ transceivers support highly reliable operations in data center networks and are optimized for Brocade switching platforms. After rigorous qualification and certification testing, Brocade 40G QSFP+ transceivers make easier end-to-end solutions possible, thus improving the availability of data center networks. Here, a detailed expression will give to Brocade 40Gbps ESR4 QSFP+ transceiver. Brocade 40G-QSFP-ESR4 is a hot-swappable, low-voltage (3.3 V) digital diagnostic Ethernet optical transceiver that supports high-speed links over multimode optical fiber with link lengths of 300m at a signaling rate of 4×10.3125 Gbps. It complies with QSFP+ mechanical, optical, and electrical specifications (SFF-8436). The figure below shows a Brocade 40G-QSFP-ESR4 transceiver.

Brocade 40G QSFP+ Cabling Assembly

Brocade 40G QSFP+ cables deliver unmatched reliability, higher performance, and greater flexibility of cable length choices, like 1-, 3-, and 5-meter lengths. Brocade 40Gbps direct-attached QSFP+ to QSFP+ Copper Cables are hot-swappable, low-voltage (3.3 V) cable assemblies that connect directly into a QSFP+ module at one end and another QSFP+ module at the other end. They use high-performance, integrated duplex serial data links for bi-directional communication. They comply with QSFP+ mechanical, optical, and electrical specifications (SFF-8436). Take 40G-QSFP-C-0101 for example, Fiberstore compatible Brocade 40G-QSFP-C-0101 is QSFP+ to QSFP+ copper direct-attach cable assembly with 1m link length in 40G links.

About Fiberstore

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of optical fiber products, as well as a third-party, Fiberstore compatible Brocade 40G QSFP+ modules (eg. 40G QSFP+ transceivers and QSFP+ cable assembly) are offered to provide highly compatible, high-performance connectivity to Brocade switch products.


Brocade 40G QSFP+ optics provide 40Gbps connectivity with cost savings, flexibility, and simplicity for Data Center 40GbE deployments. Fiberstore supplies various Brocade 40G QSFP+ modules with high quality at cost-effective prices (including 40G-QSFP-ESR4 and 40G-QSFP-C-0101 mentioned above). You can visit Fiberstore for more information about Fibersotre 100% compatible 40G QSFP transceivers with Brocade.


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