In-depth Understanding of LC Duplex Connectors

As one of the small form factor (SFF) field polish connectors, LC duplex connectors are widely used for equipment cross-connects or interconnects in backbone, horizontal and work area applications for high-speed data transmissions. They provide a solution for high-density telecommunication rooms, LANs (Local Area Networks), public networks and fiber-to-the-desk applications. While talking about LC duplex, most just think them as the small useful tools which allow fast and easy field termination for fiber optic connectivity. Actually, LC duplex connectors are more than what their design and appearance show. Their world are full of colors. This article guides the inner world of these LC duplex connectors from their several family members.

Standard LC Duplex

It’s known that the standard LC connector is developed by Lucent Technologies. Its connector body is squarish shape that is similar to SC connector, and has half the size of the SC. Standard LC duplex connectors are LC with a duplex configuration with a plastic clip. The fibers used to terminate in its 1.25mm ceramic ferrule can be both single-mode and multi-mode versions, such as LC to LC fiber patch cable single mode and LC LC multimode patch cord. Compared with SC, LC’s high-density design and 1.25mm ferrule double the port density, reducing space requirements on racks, enclosures, panels and faceplates. Nowadays, LC duplex connectors are still popular both in telcos and high bit rate LANs, etc..

LC to LC fiber patch cable single mode

Mini-LC Duplex

As a variation of standard LC duplex, the mini-LC duplex uses current industry-standard LC connectors, but allows closer ferrule spacing by using the duplex clip (usually with color coding)—mini-LC has a reduced center spacing of 5.25mm compared to a standard LC of 6.25 mm. This type of LC duplex connector is designed to operate with the Mini SFP modules and provide a higher density deployment for data center equipment.

Mini-LC Duplex vs. Standard LC Duplex

LC Duplex with Uniboot

LC duplex connector with uniboot is two LC connectors encased in a common housing with one boot, terminated on a single twin-fiber round cable. This type of connector is more compact compared to standard LC duplex. Fiber patch cables terminated with uniboot LC duplex connectors, are ideal for high-density cabling application since they reduce more fiber counts and greatly reduce cable management space. (The boots of an LC duplex connector can be configured with various versions according to different requirements. In addition to standard connector boots and uniboots, there are mini boots, BTW (Behind the Wall) boots, short boots, and 45 or 90 degree angel boots in the market.)

LC Duplex with Uniboot

LC-HD Duplex

In practical operation, it’s not easy to release the LC duplex connectors in patch panels, and sometimes thumbs and forefingers are not ideally suited to operate the release lever and pulling the connector. As such, LC-HD duplex connectors are designed to help deal with this issue. With a flexible “pull-tab” or “push-pull tab”, the LC-HD duplex connector can be disengaged easily from densely loaded panels without using the special tools which allows users easy accessibility in tight areas when deploying in data center high-density applications. Some types of LC-HD duplex connectors combine the advantages of uniboot, which make them more suitable to high-density cabling applications.


Keyed LC Duplex

Keyed LC duplex connectors are available in 12 colors, thus creating a colorful LC world. Each color of the keyed LC duplex connectors represents a unique keying pattern which only allows its matched color-coded adapter mating. This kind of LC duplex connector can help segregate or identify of parts or paths within a network infrastructure, as well as reducing the risk of accidental or malicious network access, particularly in shared access areas or in secure hierarchical environments.

Keyed LC duplex connectors

LC Duplex Connector Advantages

The LC duplex connector is designed in response to the growing needs for smaller and easier-to-use fiber optic connectivity. It simplifies moves, adds, and changes, and reduces installation time for field mountable connectors, time- and money-saving. Additionally, it doubles fiber density in shelves and outlets –lowering system costs again, as well as improves durability and reduces cross-connect rearrangement effort.


LC duplex connector uses an improved version of the familiar and user-friendly telephone plug, which provides a reassuring, audible click when engaged. The unique combination of small size and the click of connectivity makes the LC duplex the right choice for your network. With the increasing connectivity requirements. The family LC duplex connectors are sure to be enlarged. When you want to buy these connectors, Fiberstore is a good choice for many LC solutions. Besides LC solutions, SC solutions are also available for you,like SC patch cord, SC adapters, and so on. Visit Fiberstore for more information about LC and SC fiber optic solutions.


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  1. The patented push-pull tab design allows the connector to be easily inserted and released from the adapter. HYC’s push-pull tab has two options, short tab and long tab.

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