Rediffusion was believed to be the cable television provider to deploy world’s first working fiber optic system used to deliver television programs to paid customers. The company deployed the fiber optic cable for a distance of 1427 meters in the town of Hastings in East Sussex in March 1976. The company had over 1,000 subscribers at that time.

Rediffusion was a business which distributed radio and television signals through wired relay networks. Rediffusion was the source of many other companies such as Associated-Rediffusion (Rediffusion London), Rediffusion International Music and Redifon. Rediffusion London is one of the first companies to win terrestrial commercail television franchise in the UK. Rediffusion International Music is music recording company and Redifon was later diversified to Redifon Computers, Redifon Flight Simulation and Redifon Telecommunications.

Earlier in 1928, Rediffusion was the trading name of Broadcast Relay Service Ltd. Broadcast Relay Service Ltd introduced its first cable radio service in Hull, which initially focussed in the broadcasts of the BBC Radio service.

Rediffusion diverted its activities to manufacturing, rental and selling radios, receivers for its cable services and conventional models. The company started manufacturing Television sets and later started cable TV services to its subscribers.

Rediffusion started its radio broadcasting service in Barbados in 1932 and started its operation in Malta in 1933, which was known under the name Broadcast Relay Service Malta Ltd in 1935.