Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Installation

One of my friends Mr. Arshad Raza, who works as a Fiber optic cable installation supervisor with Aramco Oil company in Saudi Arabia shared a video that he took from the installation site. The video shows the blowing installation of black sheathed fiber optic cable through the HDPE duct.

Blowing installation has advantages over conventional pulling of cables. The installation tension is low during blowing installation. Cables are safe during installation and residual tension is also lower compared to that of conventional pulling. Residual tension is the strain that remains on cables after pulling through the ducts. Over a period of time, the residual strain reduces, but the bends prohibit the cable from relaxing.

Saudi Aramco is an American-Saudi Arabian joint venture company engaged in Oil excavation. Aramco uses fiber optic cables for communication, automation, and surveillance of its facilities spread all over the Kingdom.

Fiber optic cable blowing installation video


1 thought on “Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Installation

  1. Thanks for sharing this video.

    Is this a cable for micro duct? Interesting to know that you use a blowing method in the desert. I guess, this method would be useful to you in such environments.

    What is the maximum distance you could reach?

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