Training Video for Slim Box Drop Closure from OFS

Leading fiber optic solution manufacturer OFS, a Furukawa company has published a new video instruction for demonstration and training of their drop closure. The new drop closure system is called Slim Box Drop System, which is used for drop cable assembly of the premise drop cables from OFS.

This video was published in March 2015, but I noticed it when I found a tweet from OFS in twitter today. I found this video interesting and thought of sharing with all of you.

The SlimBox Drop Terminal can be used as a drop terminal system for SDU deployment, and can also be used for small to medium sized MDU deployment. The SlimBox Drop system is used with the EX-Bend 4.8 mm or Mini LT Flat Drop Cables from OFS. Slim Box Drop system is an easy-to-deploy plug and play system.

The drop closure can accommodate up to 16 drop cables and can hold up to a 1×16 splitter, making it an excellent choice for distributed split architectures. It can also function as a splice closure, holding up to 48 individual splices. The terminal can be pole, pedestal or aerial mounted, but is not recommended for underground deployment in a hand-hole.


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