Fiber Optic Cable Production Companies in Eastern Europe

Most of the people searching for fiber optic cable suppliers from any of the regions find it difficult to find the supplier list all at one place. This post is aimed to solve one of such issues that we want to put the names of fiber optic cable production companies in Eastern Europe. 

Eastern Europe is one of the few slow moving region for fiber optic deployment compared to Western Europe and North America. The reasons for slow moving of fiber optic projects and demand for fiber optic cable and related accessories in Eastern Europe are multiple and we do not aim to divert this post to those problems. By doing an internet search and research we could compile the list of fiber optic cable manufacturers in Eastern Europe. We like to share with our readers the list. Also as far as possible, we have given the link also to the respective fiber optic cable manufacturer’s website, so that you can save time from searching again for the link in the internet. 

The list of fiber optic cable manufacturers in Eastern Europe is not so long. We have taken care to put the country of the fiber optic cable manufacturer also in this post. 

Please find the list of fiber optic cable manufacturers in Easter Europe below;

Samara Cable Company– Russia; SAMARA CABLE COMPANY (SCC), established in 1955,  is a recognized leader of its industry and produces 2/3 of all communication cables manufactured in Russia.

Kabelnaya str. 9,Samara, 443022, Russia
Tel.: +7  (846-2)  28-23-45, 79-54-29
Fax : +7 (846-2)  55-22-00, 55-08-40


OFS Sviazstroy-1 – Russia; established in June 1999 in Voronezh city by Lucent Technologies International Inc. USA and JSC Sviazstroy-1, Russia. 

OFS Sviazstroy-1 Fiber Optic Cable Company

Zhemchuzhnaya 6, Voronezh 394019, Russia


Reception: + 7 (4732) 67-27-95, 79-07-55
Marketing & Sales Dep.: + 7 (4732) 67-27-34, 79-07-54
Production, logistics, technical services:
+ 7 (4732) 42-53-99, 42-54-04, 79-07-52, 79-07-53


Armavir – Russia

Elektroprovod Cable – Russia

Address:Kommunisticheskaya, 21 City: MOSCOW Postalcode:109004 Country:RUSSIAN FEDERATION

OCS-01 – Russia

Moskabel Fujikura (MKF)
2nd Kobelnaya U1, House 2,
Building 2, Moscow, 11102, Russia
Tel : + 7-095-232-3947
Fax : + 7-095-232-3949

Opten – Russia

Optika – Russia

Transvok – Russia

Eurocable – Russia

Sevkabel-Optik – Russia

Yauza-Kabel – Russia

Saranskkabel Optika –Russia

Elix – Kabel – Russia

Vuki – Slovakia

Beltelecabel – Belarus

Soyuzcabel – Belarus

CCS Strykow – Poland

Tele-fonika – Poland

OTO Lublin – Poland

Elka – Croatia

Novkabel – Serbia

FKS – Serbia

Yuzhcable – Ukraine

Odescable – Ukraine


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