Tips for ADSS Cable Fittings


Overhead fiber optic cables on high tension power lines

There is a wide range of quality of products in the cable fittings industry, here are some tips for Sun Telecom‘s ADSS cable fittings with other manufacturers’ in order to give an idea about what to choose when purchasing.

1. Immobility Clamp

The quality of immobility clamp varies from the thickness of flat steel (the basic material for immobility clamp) and the thickness of galvanizing coating. The flat steel we use is 4*40 or 5*50 as customer request. Our galvanizing coating thickness is about 100um, which is better than the standard requirement (85um). The thickness of the galvanizing coating will affect the RTS value, stability, and anti-corrosion. Thin and uneven coating will result in rust. Some manufacturers may use thin flat steel and thin galvanizing coating to reduce the cost.

2. Suspension Clamp

The quality of suspension clamp varies from the aluminum material it uses. The shell of suspension clamp is aluminum, and there are different grades for aluminum. The aluminum we use is good quality and suspension clamps we provide comply with industry standard.

3. Tension Clamp

The connection part of the tension clamp can be divided into two types according to technology: delicate casting and spheroida graphite iron casting. We use delicate casting, so the connection part is smooth without burrs. There will be burrs if using spheroida graphite iron casting. As below picture shows the difference.

The preformed armor rods can be divided into two types according to material: hot dip galvanizing and aluminum clad steel wire. We use aluminum clad steel wire, which has better tension and  anti-corrosion performance than hot dip galvanizing steel wire.

4. Lead Down Clamp

The quality of tower lead down clamp varies from the thickness of galvanizing coating. Our galvanizing coating thickness is about 100um, which is better than the standard requirement (85um). As for pole lead down clamp, we use stainless steel 304 in good quality.

5. Fiber Optic Splice Closure

The quality of fiber optic splice closure varies from the quality of S type connection part, steel tape, cap and the splice tray. Some manufacturers use hose clamp steel strip to replace steel tape, as time goes by, the place near the hole on the hose clamp steel strip will break easily. Some use splice tray made from recycled material. It’s fragile and break easily. And some use light and small (non-standard) S type connection part.

6. Cable Storage Rack

The quality of cable storage rack varies from the thickness of flat steel, the thickness of galvanizing coating, and the material of steel tape. The flat steel we use is 5*50. Our galvanizing coating thickness is about 100um and the steel tape we use is not hose clamp steel strip.

7. Spiral Vibration Damper

The quality of spiral vibration damper varies from the PVC raw material. The raw material we use is new, but some other manufacturers may use recycle PVC material.

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