How to Choose Rack Mount Fiber Optic Terminal Box

fiber optic termination boxes

Rack mount fiber optic terminal boxes are widely applied in Local Central Office. They are used for fiber optic cable fixation, protection, cable termination, patching, etc.

Rack mount fiber optic terminal boxes come in different configurations. You may find them in the market with different sizes, sliding or fixing type. Among those types, you have to choose one that suits your application the most. So how to make the right decision? The following will tell you the method.

Which Size of Rack Mount Fiber Optic Terminal Box?

The rack mount units are designed for rack mounting in 19-inch racks. They are available in rack space options of 1U, 2U, 4U, etc. You should choose the most proper one depending on the space and port requirement of your project.

What is 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U rack size

Sliding Type or Fixing Type?

The rack mount terminal boxes include two kinds. One is the sliding type, and the other incorporates a removable lid. The sliding type is more expensive while the fixing type is less expensive but requires the user to remove the whole box from the rack to gain internal access. If your budget is sufficient, I will recommend you to use the sliding type. Then you may get more benefits during installation and maintenance, as they respectively feature a convenient slide-out support tray so that you don’t need to remove the whole box from the rack to gain internal access.

Sun Telecom offers a wide range of rack mount terminal boxes, which is suitable for your own application to distribute and protect the optical fiber links in FTTH Network.

Fixing type rack mount terminal boxSliding type rack mount termination box


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