TMM Introduces Micro Cable Blowing Machine

TMM Telekom Makine Madencilik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (TMM), which is one of the leading engineering company dealing with fiberTMM Micro Cable Jetting Machine Turkey optic products/network construction has introduced an innovative blowing machine for installation of micro fiber optic cables. Branded as Elekrofok, this blowing machine helps installation team by providing flexibility and ease of operation. Due to the simplicity of the design, installation technicians can master the operation of this equipment within a few hours of time.

Installation of micro cables at the access and distribution locations has been increasing all over the world. There is a global trend to use micro cables (small size cables) in order to utilize existing ducts or small diameter new ducts, which in turn will reduce civil works cost. Reduced diameter ducts are used for deployment of flat indoor cables in the last mile. Deployment of micro cables is a challenge considering the small size of the cables, which are easy to get damaged if not handled with care.

Flat drop cables such as low friction indoor/outdoor drop cables are suitable and convenient at the last mile that connects the nearest drop closure with the subscriber. For underground duct installation, pulling the cables through duct may cause damage to the reduced size micro cables. TMM’s comes to the help of installation crew by introducing this micro cable blowing machine. TMM developed this blowing machine through their practical experience in the deployment field. Also they utilized the feedback received from their customers.Micro cable blowing method

Elektrofok can be used to blow cables having dimensions starting from 1 millimeter to 5 millimeters. This blowing machines consists of four major parts such as 1.) Cable Blowing Section 2.) Control Panel Section, 3.) Air Regulation Section and 4.) Tripod Stand for leveling and direction control.

TMM Micro cable blowing machine from TurkeyMicro cables are prone to breaks during installaton if proper care is not taken. Elektrofok is provided with a sensor to prevent cable break due to excessive blowing tension. The sensor system allows the the machine to stop before any damage happens to the cable. The high quality tripod stand allows placement of this blowing machine at any desired location by adjusting the height.

Around 15 bar air pressure is required, which further depends on other factors of deployment. Maximum cable blowing speed is 50 meter per minute, which means the deployment of a 500 meters of micro cable will be finished in 10 minutes time.

cable blowing machine control panelThe blowing machine is designed to have a weight of around 28 kilograms. The light weight machine is easy to handle and move and the dimension of the packing (machine is packed with accessories) is 71 x 45 x 42 centimeters. This blowing machine is really an asset to your FTTx deployments. If you are looking for an economically cost effective and technically competitive solution for micro cable blowing, you can contact TMM for further inquiries.

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