Solutions to Common Issues of Fiber Optic Cable

It is a common sense that the light of optic transmission can travel much longer distances than normal transmission medium. And that is why fiber optic cable is of popularity than copper cable those years. Apart from the higher bandwidth, its very high-performance data working and telecommunications has won a good reputation for itself. As it has been used by more and more Ethernet users, some common problems about fiber cable occur. Then how to solve them? This passage would provide a satisfying answer for you.

Fiber Damage

It is reckless to judge whether the fibers within the cable are broken or damaged just by looking at it through the naked eye. In most cases, the optical fiber damage would not so evident that could be observed by its outer appearance. Under this occasion, a fiber optic tracer can be utilized to trace any faults within the cable. Its operation principle just like a miniature flashlight that uses an LED and can be fitted to the cable connector for the purpose of checking continuity. If the fibers are all complete and not damaged, you can see the light from the two ends the cable is shone.


LC, SC, ST, FC, MPO, MTP…are common connectors of optic cords, and it is paramount to fit correct connectors to the fiber cord. Before you use the fiber cable, you should check each of the connectors to see if they well fitted or not. If not, it is necessary for you to rectify it by inserting them properly. If the issue still happens, you can replace the cable by a cable of spring-loaded connectors. In that way, the connectors would fit the cable securely and would not slip out.

fiber-optic connectors

Length Problem

Once the fiber optic cable has redundant length after it has been used for a connection, there are potential risks with the left cable and it would result in permanent damage to the fibers and components within the cable. The potential risks are bending, twisting or winding around the cable itself. Almost every store provides different cable length for meeting the requirement of various length demand, especially the online store, they still offer the service of customizing, and you can get the exact cable length according to your actual demand. Before you look through the online cable store, it is essential for you to get your optimal needing length by using a measuring tape. You can position all the equipment that you intend to connect with the cable, and then measure the distance of them and get the approximate length.

Stretching Problem

If an optical fiber cable being stretched over a range itself, and then the fiber and other components within the cable would be damaged. You can move the cables closer or buy an additional cable with the proper length. There is another case would cause stretching. Sometimes, it just occurs when you pulling at the jacket of the cable. You should use the grips at the connectors designed to be used to fit and remove them.

External Damage

It is quite necessary to have a thorough visual inspection of the optical fiber cable from time to time. Because any defects would affect the ability of the cable to work properly and even bring unimaginable consequences. During the inspection, if you find any prominent defect occurs, such as splits or scratches, and then please replace the cable.


It seems that it is an irresistible trend to use optical fiber cables now and future. According to this article, we are cleared that some basic solutions for some common issues about fiber cables. If you need some, you can take FS a try, we provide large and in-stock fiber optical cables in a full range. Besides, we offer customized service to meet your satisfaction.

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