Getting to Know Cost-Effective ADSS Cable

ADSS cable (all-dielectric self-supporting cable) is a type of optical cable that contains no conductive metal elements. It is used as a communications medium, installed along existing overhead transmission lines and often shares the same support structures. ADSS cable is adopted for high voltage, middle, small span conditions in Power Transmission System or mazy terrain, which offers a rapid and economical means for deploying optical fiber cable along existing aerial rights-of-way. Both single-mode and multimode fibers can be arranged in ADSS cables. And when using single-mode fibers, the cable can carry the maximum of 144 fibers. But do you know the basic structures of ADSS cable? What are the advantages of it? It’ s time to get to know cost-effective ADSS cable!

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Structures of ADSS Cable

There are generally two kinds of structures for ADSS cable. One is called central tube structure. From the following picture, the fiber of a certain length is placed in a PBT loose tube filled with water-blocking material. Then it is wrapped with aramid yarn according to the desired tensile strength and extruded with PE or AT sheath. This structure has a smaller diameter and lighter weight. But the fiber length is limited.

The other type of structure is called stranded structure. And the stranded structure is more popular. The following picture shows that the fiber loose tubes are surrounding around a central strength member (usually as FRP material). And the rest parts are similar to the central tube structure. This type is able to obtain longer fiber length. Although the diameter and weight is relatively big, it is better to be deployed for large span applications.

Applications of ADSS Cable

ADSS is a “dry” water-blocked, loose tube optical cable that was originally developed from a military lightweight rugged deployable (LRD) field cable. It is now principally used for short span aerial installations—typically on roadside power distribution poles. It is suitable for spans up to 250 m or more, depending upon installation conditions.

Since the ADSS cable is non-metallic, it is ideal for applications near high-voltage power distribution lines for which it has become a standard. This product is also suited to single-point suspension applications such as down mine shafts or any application where the product has to support either a higher load than conventional terrestrial cable or a permanent or varying tensile load that is applied through the outer sheath.

Advantages Of ADSS Cable

ADSS cable is a cost-effective and reliable technology has been used worldwide for many years. It has a number of advantages over other types of aerial cable, including its small size, low weight, flexible and fully dielectric construction.

The type of telecommunication and control cable can exploit the considerable economic advantages offered by the installation of existing high voltage power lines over all types of terrain and competes with other technologies such as optical fibre ground wire (OPGW) and helically wrapped optical fiber. ADSS cable is designed to be light-weighted and small in diameter to reduce the load on tower structures due to cable weight, wind, and ice. What’s more, ADSS cables are strong enough to allow lengths of up to 700 meters to be installed between support towers.

Installation of ADSS cable is faster and easier than previous aerial designs. It is available in fiber counts up to 144 fibers same as a multimode fiber cable. ADSS cable can be used for applications ranging from short span (40-50 meter) distribution lines to long span transmission lines (300-500 meter spans) to extraordinary spans required by some river canyon crossings exceeding 1800 meters.


ADSS cable is ideal for installation in distribution as well as transmission environments. It does not need support or messenger wire, a single pass is sufficient for installation which makes it a cost-effective and simple way of setting up fiber optic networks. With careful installation, this type of optical fiber cable can bring much convenience for the proper application. If you want know more about ADSS cable, feel free to contact FS.COM.


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