Major Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers in North America

There are around 13 major fiber optic cable manufacturers in the North American region. North American countries include the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Out of the 13 companies, 11 companies belong to the United States. Mexico is home to two fiber optic cable manufacturers, while Canada hosts Belden Cables.

Probably the history of optical fibers travels together with the history of a prominent fiber optic cable maker in the United States. It is none other than Corning Cable Systems Inc. The first optical fiber with low attenuation suitable to use for telecommunication was developed in Corning’s laboratory in 1970. Since that time, the pioneer has delivered more than 1 billion kilometers of optical fiber for networks across the globe. Now Corning has optical fiber and cable factories spread all over the world. The headquarters is in the United States.

AFL (America Fujikura Limited, former Alcoa Fujikura Limited) is another major fiber optic cable maker in the United States. The parent company, Fujikura based in Japan is another leader in the optical communication product manufacturing businesses. The history of Fujikura is also in parallel to the history of fiber optics.

Belden has two manufacturing locations in the United States and one unit in Canada. Belden has a unique name in the cable industry, which the company established through well-documented technical literature.

OFS, which is part of the Japanese telecommunications product supplier Furukawa has manufacturing locations in the United States.

Corning Cable Systems US


Ju-Young w/ Samsung JV

AFL Telecommunications



Nexans Berk-Tek

NextGen Fiber Optics (General Cable)

OFS Brightwave (Carrollton)

Optical Cable Corp.

Prysmian US (Claremnt+Lex’tn)

Sumitomo RTP

Superior Essex


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