Optical Fiber Cable Manufacturing Companies in Goa, India

Goa, one of the western Indian states located near Mumbai is a place for tourism and one of the hot spots in India. For the fiber optic industry in India, Goa is particularly important as 4 of India’s leading optical fiber and cable manufacturers operate from there.

Though a tiny state of India, Goa’s place in the Indian fiber optic industry is high than other Indian states. Finolex cables limited has its manufacturing unit in the Verna Industrial area, Salcette, Goa, which is on the way from Margao to Panjim (Panaji) which is the capital of Goa.

Finolex cables limited the manufacture of optical fiber cables in two manufacturing units. One is in Goa and the other manufacturing division is at Pune. In Pune Finolex cables limited have their optical fiber drawing division also. Finolex cables limited manufactures Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) rod that is used as a non-metallic central strength member in optical fiber cables in their Goa manufacturing division.

Finolex is popular in India for the quality of cables they supply throughout India. Finolex cables limited is one of the top ranking fiber optic cable manufacturers in India. Some years before around 1996, Finolex started their optical fiber manufacturing division at Pune in collaboration with AT&T Lucent, and the manufacturing division was known as AT&T Lucent-Finolex cables.

Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited, HFCL is also in Salcette, Verna Industrial area, Goa. HFCL is near to Finolex cables limited and this company manufactures optical fiber cables and glass yarns. HFCL also manufacture fiber reinforced plastic rods in various sizes that are used in optical fiber cable manufacturing. Glass yarns are used as peripheral strength members in optical fiber cables. Glass yarns are a cheaper option that can replace the costly Aramid yarns. Glass yarns are used to give tensile strength to the optical fiber cable. Glass yarns can be used as nonmetallic armoring material that will protect the optical fiber cable from rodents. Rodents can not attack fiber optic core if layers of glass yarns are applied over the stranded/loose tube core.

Optical Fiber Goa Limited, OFGL is another optical fiber manufacturing company in Goa, which also in Verna Industrial Area, Salcette. OFGL is one of the leading optical fiber manufacturers in India, second after Sterlite technologies. OFGL is a company of Birla group and optical fiber produced in OFGL is mostly consumed in BEOL (Birla Ericsson Optical Limited), Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, and VTL (Vindhya Telelinks). All these three companies belong to the Birla group.

Teracom Limited, a newcomer in the Indian fiber optic cable manufacturing industry is located in the Kundaim Industrial area, Goa. Teracom is new comparatively but is an aggressive player in the optical fiber cable market in India. Teracom has diversified into other areas of communication products and also into power cable manufacturing.

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