Copper Switch off is the New Norm

Copper Switch Off is the new norm. In short, investing in fiber optic communication technology and stop investing in copper-based communication systems is the Copper Switch Off. How and Why telecommunication companies decided to move towards investment in fiber optics? This article analyzes the history of communication/telecommunication and look in to the historical aspects of shifting towards optical technology.

Visible Light Spectrum

Will the Li-Fi Technology Replace the Wi-Fi?

ITU is preparing to introduce standards for the Light Fidelity or Li-Fi or the popularly known Visible Light Communication (VLC). Some of you may get curious to know its implications on the Wi-Fi. Will this new technology Li-Fi replace the Wi-Fi? The answer is No….

Optical transceiver modules

What is Optical Transceiver Module?

The speed and stability of the network are making a great leap forward thanks to the high bandwidth and low attenuation brought by fiber optics. The optical transceiver module is the major building block in fiber optic network, which conveys the information across communication channels…

What Can Pluggable Optical Transceivers Do in Data Centers

For data centers, fiber-optic technology is no longer an option, or is only used to solve the most difficult interconnection problems. Today, high broadband, high port density and fiber optic technology are needed to solve low power requirements, and the current optical fiber technology is…

How Much Do You Know about Single-wave 100G Optical Transceivers?

Data center industry is facing unprecedented development opportunity; the development of various applications of network gave rise to the vast amounts of data requirements. The artificial intelligence has brought high density calculation. All of the information technology has led to the data center to develop…

New Viewpoints of 100G Optics: Background, Development Progress, Challenges, Applications &Trends

100G Ethernet has prevailed in the data center with the advancement of tech and the development of networks. Naturally, various 100G applications spring up with it, in which the relatively hot application is 100G optical transceiver module. Although most of people has had a good…