Optical-fiber cables

Solutions to Common Issues of Fiber Optic Cable

It is a common sense that the light of optic transmission can travel much longer distances than normal transmission medium. And that is why fiber optic cable is of popularity than copper cable those years. Apart from the higher bandwidth, its very high-performance data working…


Tips on Buying Fiber Optic Cables

Buying fiber optic cables has been a daily thing in our life. Since the field of fiber optic network is still unfamiliar to most people, not to say the detailed information about the fiber optic cable. In this article, we are going to provide some tips for you to buy fiber optic cables. Before that, let’s go over the background information of the fiber optic cable for your better understanding.

Introduction of Loopback Cable

What is Loopback Cable? When testing the transmission equipment, fiber optic loopback device is often used as the testing tool. It is known as the routing of electronic signals, digital data streams, or flows of items back to their source without intentional processing or modification….

10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP + Kabel Definition, Typen & Deployment Guide

Die Netzwerkverkabelung hat im Laufe der Jahre tief greifende Änderungen durchlaufen und macht einen großen Sprung nach vorn zu hoch Geschwindigkeits Faserkabeln. Aber in einigen Fällen, Kupfer Twinax Kabel, zB SFP+ Kabel oder SFP + DAC Twinax Kabel noch als eine optimierte Lösung für 10-GbE-Anwendungen…

Multimode Fiber Price Comparison

Recent years, telecom industry develops rapidly. Data center, as the central nervous system of the whole network building, becomes larger and larger in size, with more and more complicated cabling system. To make cabling easy and ensure network performance at the same time, a type…

Getting to Know Cost-Effective ADSS Cable

ADSS cable (all-dielectric self-supporting cable) is a type of optical cable that contains no conductive metal elements. It is used as a communications medium, installed along existing overhead transmission lines and often shares the same support structures. ADSS cable is adopted for high voltage, middle,…