Copper Switch off is the New Norm

Copper Switch Off is the new norm. In short, investing in fiber optic communication technology and stop investing in copper-based communication systems is the Copper Switch Off. How and Why telecommunication companies decided to move towards investment in fiber optics? This article analyzes the history of communication/telecommunication and look in to the historical aspects of shifting towards optical technology.

Fiber Optic Cable Production Companies in Eastern Europe

Most of the people searching for fiber optic cable suppliers from any of the regions find it difficult to find the supplier list all at one place. This post is aimed to solve one of such issues that we want to put the names of fiber optic cable production companies in Eastern Europe.

A Look in to Recent Trends in Bend Insensitive Single Mode Optical Fibers

ITU-T recommendation G.657 published on December 2006 had only two versions of Single mode fibers categorized as G.657.A and G.657.B. The difference between these fibers was in the permissible bending radius.

Is the Quality of Chinese Fiber Optic Products Low?

We frequently hear bad things about fiber optic products from China. It has become a trend to abuse Chinese quality. Here I am not going to justify the low-quality fiber optic products coming out of China. Of course, I know there are low-quality Chinese products….

Introduction on FS 42U GR Series Network and Server Cabinets

Network & server cabinets are integral to the success of a good data center construction. Because they could provide platforms for housing networking devices such as servers, rack mount enclosures. In this way, the devices are kept on racks and cables can be easily bundled, which…

OM3 And OM4 Fiber for 10G/40G/100G Network

Multimode fiber has been highly favored by Ethernet users and gained the widest acceptance in network backbones where it has offered users the opportunity to extend link distances, increase network reliability, and lower costs by centralizing electronics. OM3 fiber emerges just at the right time….