Optical-fiber cables

Solutions to Common Issues of Fiber Optic Cable

It is a common sense that the light of optic transmission can travel much longer distances than normal transmission medium. And that is why fiber optic cable is of popularity than copper cable those years. Apart from the higher bandwidth, its very high-performance data working…

Visible Light Spectrum

Will the Li-Fi Technology Replace the Wi-Fi?

ITU is preparing to introduce standards for the Light Fidelity or Li-Fi or the popularly known Visible Light Communication (VLC). Some of you may get curious to know its implications on the Wi-Fi. Will this new technology Li-Fi replace the Wi-Fi? The answer is No….

Submarine Cables - Backbone of Global Connectivity 1

Submarine Cables – Backbone of Global Connectivity

In a recent media release, Huawei Marine used this sentence “Building the backbone for Global Connectivity” to describe their activities in the submarine domain. Submarine fiber optic cables have become backbones of the digitally connected world. Datacenters, Storage devices and end-users accessing to multiple locations…

SFP vs RJ45 vs GBIC: When to Choose Which? 3

SFP vs RJ45 vs GBIC: When to Choose Which?

SFP, RJ45, and GBIC transceiver modules are three main kinds of 1GbE transceiver modules on the market. You may be puzzled by so many choices of transceiver modules. Don’t worry about it. This article will help you clarify the differences between SFP vs RJ45 vs GBIC transceivers and give you some suggestions about how to choose from them.

Stackable Switch or Chassis Switch On the Network Edge? 5

Stackable Switch or Chassis Switch On the Network Edge?

Network edge infrastructures can collect, transmit, and record data passing the network. The infrastructures include gateways, routers, and switches. The switches on the network edge are located at the meeting point of two networks. The edge switches are closer to the end-user than the backbone of the network. When it comes to choosing between a stackable switch and a chassis switch for the network edge, it may be difficult for you to make a decision. This article will provide you some points about choosing between stackable switches and chassis switches on the network edge.

How to Choose a Gigabit Network Switch? 7

How to Choose a Gigabit Network Switch?

Gigabit network switch is the most commonly used equipment in data centers. Before choosing the best network switch for the current or future network, people can type “Ethernet switch” into the online shopping site or search engine, they may find a ton of listings for switches of all kinds and price levels. It’s not an easy job to find one. Then how to choose a Gigabit network switch in order to avoid buying the wrong device or overspending needlessly?