What is QSFP Connector, QSFP+ Connector and QSFP28 Connector? 1

What is QSFP Connector, QSFP+ Connector and QSFP28 Connector?

Nowadays, fiber optic technology shows its unsurpassable advantage in telecommunication. Hence, optical transceiver modules are widely used in data centers and other situations. When it comes to various types of data rate and interface of optical transceivers, there are lots of abbreviations to clarify. This article focuses on the introduction of the QSFP connector, QSFP+ connector, and QSFP28 connector. They share the same small form factor but differ in supporting data rate and breakout connection.

figure of KVM Switch

What is a KVM Switch and How Does it Work?

Today, data centers and companies have to deal with the space limitation of lots of computers. They need a method to control the increasing numbers of computers and other networking devices efficiently. KVM switches are invented to combat this issue that is taking up valuable…

DSL vs Ethernet Cable vs Fiber Optic Cable Speed

DSL vs Ethernet Cable vs Fiber Optic Cable Speed

Wi-Fi is excellent, we all love it. But under the wireless work, there are serious cabling, and data travels through DSL, Ethernet cables, and fiber optic cables. The question is, which one performs better? And what’s the difference between DSL, Ethernet cable, and fiber optic…

Optical transceiver modules

What is Optical Transceiver Module?

The speed and stability of the network are making a great leap forward thanks to the high bandwidth and low attenuation brought by fiber optics. The optical transceiver module is the major building block in fiber optic network, which conveys the information across communication channels…

Optical-fiber cables

Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Installation

One of my friends Mr. Arshad Raza, who works as a Fiber optic cable installation supervisor with Aramco Oil company in Saudi Arabia shared a video that he took from the installation site. The video shows the blowing installation of black sheathed fiber optic cable…

SFP Fiber Switch Introduction and Cabling Solutions

With the growth of today’s network, the amount of hardware involved has become a barrier to efficient and optimized network operations. In some cases, a fiber switch is an answer. These fiber switches with management functions can reduce the burden on the network backbone, by…