Datacenter fiber optic connections

IDC (Internet Data Center) Fiber Optic Solutions

1. Pre-terminated Fiber Cabling (1) Overview Sun Telecom’s MPO/MTP solution is pre-terminated solution which means it can easily expand or relocate systems without relocating patch cords and cassette. Therefore it can be applied to maintenance of currently operating solution to respond flexibility to the customers who…

Why Do You Need OTDR Launch Box?

Optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is a necessary fiber optic testing tool which use light backscattering technologies to analyze the optical fiber performance. It can test the light loss and locate the breaks, splices and connectors in fiber optic network. However, OTDR has “dead zone”…

FTTx Solution products, Fiber optic products original supplier

Bwinners Telecom Communication products include: Fiber Optic Splice Closure, FTTH Fiber optical Distribution Box, FTTH Fiber Optic Socket Face Plate, Fiber Optic Patch Panel Terminal Box, ODF Optical Fiber Distribution Frame, OCC Optical Fiber Cross Connection Cabinets, Network Cabinet, Equipment Enclosure, WDM ,PLC Splitter, Patch cord, Adaptor, FTTH Accessories, etc.

Sun Telecom Rack Mount Fiber Optic Terminal Boxes

Sun Telecom offers a wide range of rack mount terminal boxes, which is suitable for your own application to distribute and protect the optical fiber links in FTTH Network.

How to Choose Rack Mount Fiber Optic Terminal Box

Rack mount fiber optic terminal boxes are widely applied in Local Central Office. They are used for fiber optic cable fixation, protection, cable termination, patching, etc. Rack mount fiber optic terminal boxes come in different configurations. You may find them in the market with different…

How to Choose PLC Splitters

PLC splitter is a simple passive component that plays an important role during the applications of technologies like GPON, EPON, and BPON. It allows a strand of fiber optic signal to be equivalently split into several strands of the optical signal, which can support a single network interface to be shared by many subscribers.