Know More About Pre-terminated Trunk Cable Assemblies

In high-density data center environments, the ability to install cabling systems rapidly can save both time and money. Pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies provide ideal plug-and-play solutions for structure cabling—pre-terminated cabling solutions. These solutions simplify the design and installation of network services by providing high-density, end-to-end systems that deliver quick, plug-in network deployment. This article will guide you to know more about pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies.

Two Types of Pre-terminated Trunk Cables

Corresponding to fiber-based network deployment and copper-based network deployment, there are pre-terminated fiber cabling and pre-terminated copper cabling. The following part will introduce two types of commonly used pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies: pre-terminated fiber trunk cable, and pre-terminated copper trunk cable.

MTP/MPO Trunk Cable

Pre-terminated with MTP MPO connector on both ends, MTP/MPO trunk cable is a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming termination that improves reliability and reduces installation time and cost. It is capable of providing rapid deployment of high density backbones cabling in data centers and other high fiber environments. In networking applications, 12-fiber and 24-fiber MTP/MPO trunk cables are commonly used: 12-fiber MTP/MPO trunk cable is normally for 40G Ethernet network, while 24-fiber MTP/MPO trunk cable is normally for 100G Ethernet network. Since there are different types of MTP/MPO trunk cables on the market, it is important to choose the suitable one provided by reliable MPO trunk cable manufacturers. The following figure shows a high fiber count MTP/MPO trunk cable—72-fiber MTP/MPO trunk cable. There are 6 legs on both ends with each leg terminated with a 12-fiber MTP MPO connector.

72-fiber MTP MPO trunk cable

Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable

The pre-terminated copper trunk cable is a bundle of category cables, built with a choice of 6, 12, or 24 cable bundle and factory terminated with jacks and plugs. It allows fast and easy installation with reduced labor costs in large copper infrastructures with high-density cross-connection and patching systems. In recent years, this high-performance trunk cable has become a popular plug-and-play solution in the horizontal distribution area (HDA) to connect switch cabinets to server cabinets, and in the zone distribution area (ZDA) to run from the HDA to zone boxes. The pre-terminated copper trunk cable assemblies on the market are available in pre-bundled and pre-labeled styles, available in Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6a UTP and STP cable constructions with each available in jack to jack, plug to plug and jack to plug termination ends. Here is a figure of pre-terminated copper trunk cable for you.

pre-terminated copper trunk cable

Benefits of Pre-terminated Trunk Cable Assemblies

There are many benefits of deploying pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies.

High Speed of Deployment

The high speed of deployment offered by pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies is an equally important feature. The quick plug-in connections of network devices allow fiber and copper links to be installed in significantly less time than traditional field-terminated links, resulting in considerable installation-cost reductions. In many cases, pre-terminated trunk cables can cut installation time by up to 80% over field terminations.

Consistent High Levels of Performance

Pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies offer consistent high levels of performance for improved network integrity. Solutions are available that exceed specifications for high data transmission rate performance, providing extra headroom in the channel for data center upgrades and modifications. This level of reliability is crucial in the data center environment, where channel insertion loss budgets are very tight.

No Need for Performance Testing

The transmission testing of pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies is performed by the manufacturer before shipment, and test reports are included with the assemblies. This leaves only continuity testing for copper and 10% insertion loss and continuity testing for fiber, which reduces the time spent testing on-site.

Cut Clean-up Time

Pre-terminated cabling solutions allow for quick clean-up due to minimal leftover materials and scrap. Also, because there is less waste material to clean up, pre-terminated solutions also help meet green design, waste reduction, and material reuse goals.


Pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies provide an ideal plug-and-play solution for links between switches, servers, patch panels, and zone distribution areas in the data center. They can accelerate the process, reduce costs and errors, and can help bring your data center online in less time. If your data center or network application needs speed and testing simplified installation, pre-termination trunk assemblies are perfect.


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