Multimode Fiber Price Comparison

Recent years, telecom industry develops rapidly. Data center, as the central nervous system of the whole network building, becomes larger and larger in size, with more and more complicated cabling system. To make cabling easy and ensure network performance at the same time, a type of cable characterized by light weight and high transmission rate is needed. Fiber optic cable is such type of cable. In addition, optical fiber cable can be divided into different types, such as singlemode fiber, multimode fiber, simplex cable, duplex cable and so on. This article will focus on multimode fiber price comparison and I hope it can help you choose cost-effective multimode fiber cabling solution.

Singlemode and Multimode Fiber Price Comparison

We know that singlemode fiber cable is used for long-haul optical link, while multimode fiber cable is suitable for short-reach network. In fact, singlemode systems are usually, but not always more expensive because of the laser diodes and precise calibration required to inject light into the cable. The result of singlemode and multimode fiber price comparison is negligible, but singlemode devices often cost more.

Multimode Fiber Price Comparison

Now on the market, there are five types of multimode fiber jumpers: OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OM5. In addition, multimode fiber cable varies from each other depending on fiber count, connector type, jacket material and so on. This part will make comparison from different levels. Firstly, let’s take FS.COM multimode fiber for example.

OM1 Multimode Fiber Price Comparison
TypeCable LengthConnector TypeFiber CountJacket MaterialvPrice
OM15 mLC to LCSimplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 1.80
OM15 mLC to LCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 3.50
OM15 mSC to SCSimplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 1.80
OM15 mSC to SCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 3.50
OM2 Multimode Fiber Price Comparison
TypeCable LengthConnector TypeFiber CountJacket MaterialPrice
OM25 mLC to LCSimplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 1.72
OM25 mLC to LCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 3.50
OM25 mLC to LCDuplexLSZHUS$ 3.70
OM25 mSC to SCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 3.50
OM25 mSC to SCDuplexLSZHUS$ 3.70
OM3 Multimode Fiber Price Comparison
TypeCable LengthConnector TypeFiber CountJacket MaterialPrice
OM35 mLC to LCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 4.00
OM35 mLC to LCDuplexLSZHUS$ 4.20
OM35 mLC to LCDuplexOFNPUS$ 5.40
OM35 mSC to SCSimplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 2.00
OM35 mSC to SCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 4.00
OM35 mSC to SCDuplexLSZHUS$ 4.20
OM35 mSC to SCDuplexOFNPUS$ 5.40
OM4 Multimode Fiber Price Comparison
TypeCable LengthConnector TypeFiber CountJacket MaterialPrice
OM45 mLC to LCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 5.20
OM45 mLC to LCDuplexLSZHUS$ 5.40
OM45 mLC to LCDuplexOFNPUS$ 6.60
OM45 mSC to SCSimplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 2.60
OM45 mSC to SCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 5.20
OM45 mSC to SCDuplexLSZHUS$ 5.40
OM45 mSC to SCDuplexOFNPUS$ 6.60
OM5 Multimode Fiber Price Comparison
TypeCable LengthConnector TypeFiber CountJacket MaterialPrice
OM55 mLC to LCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 15.00
OM55 mLC to LCDuplexLSZHUS$ 15.00
OM55 mSC to SCDuplexPVC(OFNR)US$ 15.00
OM55 mSC to SCDuplexLSZHUS$ 15.00
Different Brands Multimode Fiber Price Comparison
BrandTypeCable LengthConnector TypeFiber CountJacket MaterialPrice
AmazonOM310 mLC to LCDuplexPVCUS$ 36.86
NeweggOM310 mLC to LCDuplexLSZHUS$ 20.32
C2GOM310 mLC to LCDuplexPVCUS$ 40.99
MonopriceOM310 mLC to LCDuplexOFNRUS$ 18.55
FS.COMOM310 mLC to LCDuplexPVCUS$ 5.70

It’s not difficult to find that multimode patch cord price has three grades: OM1 fiber and OM2 fiber, OM3 fiber cable and OM4 fiber cable, OM5 fiber. In addition, duplex multimode patch cable is more expensive than simplex multimode patch cable. As for the comparison among different brands, FS.COM is the cheapest.


From the above multimode fiber price comparison, we can conclude that multimode fiber cable is a cost-effective cabling solution for network connection over short distance. But before you buy multimode patch cable, you have to make sure which type, connector type or jacket material is suitable for your network building, then choose a cheap one to save cost.


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