Deploying MPO/MTP Cassettes for 10G, 40G & 100G Connectivity

With bandwidth capabilities, port density, security, upgradability and ease of installation, pre-terminated fiber cabling has dominated in today’s data centers and high speed networks. MPO/MTP based networking has established itself as the leading technology within the pre-terminated fiber portfolio. MPO/MTP cassette, as an indispensable device used in high-density data center, has gained much popularity. In this post, we’re going to learn some knowledge about MPO/MTP cassette and how to deploy MPO/MTP cassette for 10G, 40G and 100G connectivity.

MPO/MTP Cassette Overview

MPO/MTP cassette is a modular module, which is loaded with 12 or 24 fibers and has LC or SC adapters on the front side and MPO/MTP at the rear, enabling users to take the fibers brought by a MTP trunk cable and distribute them to a duplex cable as shown below. MTP LGX cassette, HD cassette and TAP cassette are three variants of the MTP cassette, which provide secure transition between MTP and LC or SC discrete connectors, allowing for rapid deployment of data center infrastructure as well as improved troubleshooting and reconfiguration during moves, adds, and changes.

Advantages of MPO/MTP Cassette
  • Reliable Interface: MPO/MTP cassettes is interfaced with LC and MPO/MTP, featuring superior optical and mechanical properties.
  • Optimized Performance: Low loss MPO/MTP elite, discrete premium connectors and OM4 fiber grade assures low insertion loss and power penalties in tight power budget, high-speed network environments.
  • High Density: Generally, 12 and 24-fiber MPO/MTP cassettes are commonly used ones. They can be mounted in 1U scaling up to 72 or in 3U scaling up to 336 discrete LC connectors.
How to Use MPO/MTP Cassette in 10G, 40G & 100G Connectivity?
MPO/MTP Cassette for 10G to 10G Connectivity

For 10G to 10G connectivity, as we know, we often use a duplex LC patch cable for direct connection when the distance between these two 10G devices is short, but how about long distance connection? We can use MPO/MTP cassette for interconnection or cross connection. The image below shows 10G to 10G connectivity with 1xMTP(12-Fiber) to 6xLC duplex cassette.

MPO/MTP Cassette for 10G to 40G Connectivity

Likewise, for 10G to 40G migration, if the distance between 10G device and the 40G device is short, we can use a MTP-4 duplex LC patch cable for direct connection. But when long distance connection is needed, we may also have to deploy MPO/MTP cassette for interconnection or cross connection. The image below shows 10G to 40G connectivity with 1xMTP(24-Fiber) to 12xLC duplex cassette.

MPO/MTP Cassette for 10G to 100G Connectivity

If we need to upgrade our 10G network to 100G or need to connect 10G device to 100G device, we can also use MPO/MTP cassette. In 10G upgrade to 100G connectivity scene, if the distance between the 10G device and the 100G device is short, we can directly connect these two devices with MTP-10 duplex LC patch cable. But once the distance is extended, a MPO/MTP cassette is needed. We should use it to interconnect or cross-connect the 10G device and 100G device. The following image shows 10G to 100G connectivity with 2xMTP(2*12-Fiber) to 12xLC duplex cassette.


MPO/MTP cassette is widely used in today’s high density data center. FS.COM provides a wide range of MPO/MTP cassettes, including 1xMTP(12-Fiber) to 6xLC duplex cassettes, 2xMTP(2*12-Fiber) to 12xLC duplex cassettes and 1xMTP(24-Fiber) to 12xLC duplex cassettes to meet different demands. All of these cassettes are the combination of high quality components and manufacturing quality control, which could provide great reliability.


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