Saving Data Center Space to the Extreme With MPO Cable Assemblies

As data center gradually migrates to higher speed 40G and 100G networks, more and more devices will be crowded in. Space becomes the first factor that IT managers should take into consideration. To solve this issue, FS.COM has released a series of MPO cable assemblies, including HD TAB MPO fiber patch cable, MPO harness cable, MPO breakout patch panel and MPO cassette, etc. which can save space to the extreme in data center. This post will introduce these four high density MPO cabling solutions one by one in detail.

HD TAB MPO Fiber Patch Cable

HD TAB MPO fiber patch cable allows high-density connections between network equipment in telecommunication rooms. It features push-pull tab connectors at both ends that can offer maximum accessibility in high density installations. Besides, Like standard MPO connector, these HD push pull connectors are also the same size of a SC connector, but since it can accommodate 12 fibers, providing up to 12 times the density, thereby offering savings in circuit card and rack space. We can get detailed information of this HD TAB MPO fiber patch cable in the image below.

HD TAB MPO fiber patch cable

MPO Harness Cable

MPO harness cable, normally terminated with MPO connector on one end and several SC or LC connectors on the fanout end, is designed for high density applications with required high performance and speedy installation. In order to increase the capacity of existing 12-fiber and 24-fiber MPO network, MPO harness conversion cable is designed. It can allow users to convert their existing MPO backbone cables to an MPO type which matches their active equipment. Commonly used MPO harness conversion cables are 1*2 MPO conversion cable (one 24-fiber MPO connector at one end and two 12-fiber MPO connector at the other end), 1*3 MPO conversion cable (one 24-fiber MPO connector at one end and three 8-fiber MPO connectors at the other end), 2*3 conversion cable (two 12-fiber MPO connectors at one end and three 8-fiber MPO connectors at the other end). These three MPO harness conversion cable types are shown in the following image.

MPO harness conversion cable

HD MPO Breakout Patch Panel

There are commonly two types of MPO breakout patch panel for high density data center: 40G breakout patch panel and 100G breakout patch panel. Loaded with 12 standard MPO connectors (8-fiber) elite and 48 duplex LC connectors in a 1RU patch panel, 40G breakout patch panel can meet high density cabling demands up to 96 ports. 100G Breakout patch panel is designed with 8 standard 24-fiber MPO connectors (20 fibers used) and 80 duplex LC connectors in a 2RU patch panel, which can achieve 8 groups of 10G to 100G path in a simple, efficient and well-managed way.

HD MPO Breakout Patch Panel

HD MPO Cassette

HD MPO fiber cassette is a modular module, which is loaded with 12 or 24 fibers and have 6 or 12 duplex LC or SC adapters on the front side and MPO adapter at the rear. HD MPO cassette is more compact than the traditional LGX MPO cassette, so that it can be more suitable for high-density applications, helping users saving more spaces. For example, a 1RU fiber enclosure can only hold up to 3 MPO cassettes, but it can hold up to 5 MPO cassettes as shown below.

HD MPO Cassette


As networking equipment becomes denser and port counts in the data center increase to several hundred ports, it is time to deploy MPO cabling assemblies.


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