High Density Fiber Patch Panel Solutions in FS.COM

With more and more data centers now supporting tens of thousands of fiber links, data center managers are demanding high-density solutions that properly manage high optical fiber counts and provide scalability to support more fiber optic cabling and future bandwidth requirements. The high density fiber patch panel is engineered to improve the capacity for patching and splicing in one central unit, which makes the most of available space to stack the most adapter panels to terminate anywhere.

Why Do We Need Fiber Patch Panel?

High density fiber patch panel is loaded with a panel enclosure and modular HD cassettes, which can connect a 40/100G fiber network via MTP fiber cable, then segment it into standard LC connections in order to interface with 10G devices. With HD fiber patch panel, users has no need to run long patch cords across, under the floor or in overhead conveyance, instead, they just need to run short jumpers from the SAN or network switch up to the fiber patch panel. Besides, the patch panel has multiple ports which could allow more cables running in the same time into a smaller space, greatly increasing density and saving space to the extreme. Furthermore, HD fiber patch panel with cassettes features factory-terminated connectors that can reduce installation time, especially for those who are new to cable deployment.

fiber patch panel

Cost-Effective HD Fiber Patch Panel in FS.COM

FS.COM has launched HD fiber patch panel for 40G and 100G network applications to faster deployment, higher performance and cleaner installations.

1U 96-Fiber MTP Breakout Panel for 40G Network

Loaded with 12 standard MTP connector adapters (8-fiber) elite to 48 duplex LC connector adapters in a 1U patch panel, this 40G MTP fiber patch panel can meet the high density cabling demands with up to 96 ports, supporting up to 48x10GbE as shown below. Available in single-mode and multimode versions, it can ensure a high-performance and reliable straight connection from 10G to 40G.

1U 96-Fiber MTP Breakout Panel for 40G Network

2U 160-Fiber MTP Breakout Panel for 100G Network

For 10G to 100G connection, FS.COM provides 2U 160-fiber MTP LC patch panel. It uses the same working theory as the above mentioned 96-fiber 40G breakout panel. The 100G breakout panel is designed to connect our 100GBase-SR10 ports with 24-fiber MTP fiber cable to the back of the panel, then breakout as 80x10GbE on the front with duplex LC fiber cable in a 2U rack. We can get more detailed information from the image below.

2U 160-Fiber MTP Breakout Panel for 100G Network


As the migration to 40G and 100G Ethernet is on the way, more and more breakout legs will be used in the transmission, which will cause congestion, clutter, and tangling, not only reducing efficiency, but also making cable management more difficult. With FS.COM HD 40G and 100G MTP fiber patch panel, we can easily upgrade to 40/100G in a simple, efficient, and well-maintained manner. You can customize the patch panel according to your unique requirement or order the recommended products directly in FS.COM.


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